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In Garrison, a small city just across the river from New York City, the big city cops found a perfect place to plant their roots. The local sheriff Freddy Heflin (Stallone) has no power and just close his eyes for all cop's ilegal activities. After an incident with the nephew of Ray Donlan (Keitel), a big shot cop, Moe Tilden (De Niro) arrives in town to investigate Ray. That's when the sheriff starts to do his job for the first time, trying to show everybody that nobody is above the law.

Running Time:
100 min.

- Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA
- Edgewater, New Jersey, USA
- Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA
- Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.

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  Theatrical Release Date:
August 15, 1997.

Video Release Date:
April 21, 1998.

R, for violence, strong language and brief nudity.

U$ 15 millions.

Opening Gross:
U$ 13.51 millions.

Total Gross (USA):
U$ 44.89 millions.

Rentals (USA):
U$ 19.32 millions.

Total Gross (non-USA):
U$ 18.80 millions.

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