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Joe Pesci is Cole:

(Cole is in the hospital bed. Dr. Malcolm starts a conversation)

Malcolm: Your father ever tell you bedtime stories?

Cole: Yeah, sure. Why, you got a problem with that?

Malcolm: No problem, Cole.

(Malcolm rolls in the chair across the room as he thinks.)

Malcolm: Once upon a time there was a prince, who was..

Cole: (interrupts) Hey, what the fuck is that?! You think I wanna hear your dumb miserable stories? Huh? Gimme a break, will ya.

Malcolm: Okay.

Cole: You know what, you haven't told fuckin' bedtime stories before, right?

Malcolm: No.

Cole: (smiles) I knew it. You see, who gives a fuck about some prince or any shit like that? If you wanna tell me a story, do me a favor: shut the fuck up! I feel sorry for you, I really do.

Malcolm: What makes you feel that?

Cole: Your head told me.

(Beat. Malcolm is affected by his client.)

Malcolm: (stutters a little bit) Ah... I don't quite know what you mean.

Cole: You don't? So, go get a fuckin' mirror and take a look at your stupid hair! You think nobody will notice you're a fuckin' bald-headed prick?

Malcolm: I'm not supposed to talk about stuff like that.

(Malcolm is definately affected by his client.)

Cole: Yeah, yeah, yeah... whatever. Ok, I wanna tell you my secret now.

Malcolm: (blinks very slowly) Okay...

Cole: I see fuckin' dead people.

Malcolm: In your dreams?

Cole: No.

Malcolm: When you're awake?

Cole: (angry) Of course, you dizzy motherfucker you! How the fuck can I see with my eyes shut, huh?? You fuckin' moron.

Malcolm: Dead people like in graves and coffins?

Cole: No, you piece of shit, fuckin' walking around like regular people. Some of them are so fucked up, they don't know they're dead.

Malcolm: How often do you see them?

Cole: All fuckin' time. They're everywhere!... (grabs a baseball bat) Hey, you won't tell anyone about my secret, right? Or I'll have to bust your fuckin' kneecaps, got it?

Malcolm: I got it, Cole.

Cole: Will you stay here till I fall asleep?

(Malcolm nods "yes")

Cole: No, you won't. Get the fuck outta here, you motherfucker you! Or I'll put your fuckin' brain to sleep.

(Cole pulls the covers up to his chin and turns to the window in the room)

Not every gift is a blessing.


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