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Scent of A Woman

Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in 'Scent of A Woman'

Joe Pesci is Charlie Simms:

Charlie: Ah... sir? (knocks)

Colonel: Don't call me sir!

Charlie: (whispers) Don't call me sir my ass... (raises voice) All right, how should I call you then, Ma'am?

Colonel: Uh-oh, we got a moron here, is that it?

Charlie: Yeah, I'll show you moron, you piece of shit.

Colonel: Just call me Colonel... (shouts) Get in here, you idiot!

Charlie: What the fuck did you say? (walks in)

Colonel: Come a little closer. I wanna get a better look at ya.

Charlie: Okay, you're happy now? Jag-off.

Colonel: How's your skin, son?

Charlie: What is it, a fuckin' joke? Huh!?

Colonel: Oh, for Christ's sake...

Charlie: (shouts) I'm Charlie fuckin' Simms, you motherfucker you!! You show me some fuckin' respect or I'll break your fuckin' head, you got that? Don't make me be a bad guy.

Colonel: So... Simms, Charles. A senior. You on student aid, Simms?

Charlie: Yeah, I am. You got a problem with that? You give a fuck?

Colonel: For "student aid" read "crook". Your father paddles car telephones at a 300% markup. Your mother works on heavy comission in a camera store. Graduated to it from espresso machines. Hah-hah!!

Charlie: How the fuck can you laugh? How the fuck can you laugh?? You think this is funny? Huh?? So tell me, tough guy, funny how? What the fuck is so funny about this?? Tell me, tell me what's funny.

Colonel: What happened to you? Too much football without a helmet? Hah! Lyndon's line on Gerry Ford.

Charlie: I can't believe this fuckin' prick!

Colonel: (shouts) Where are you from?

Charlie: First, let me tell you something. If you yell like this again, I'll cut your fuckin' tongue off and give it to the fuckin' vultures, you understand? You're fuckin' warned. Now, I'm from Gresham, Oregon.

Colonel: So, what are you doin' here in this sparrow-fart town?

Charlie: I attend fuckin' Baird.

Colonel: I know you go to the Baird school. Point is, how do you afford it?

Charlie: Although it's none of your fuckin' business, I'll tell ya. I won that fuckin' Young America merit scholarship.

Colonel: Whoo-ah!!

Charlie: What is that?... Are you dying of some wasting disease?

Colonel: Scholarship my ass... so, how's your skin, son? I like my aides to be presentable.

Charlie: What am I, one of your bitches?? Fuck you, you fuckin' fag you! Who the fuck do you think you are? Huh? I come here to this fuckin' shithole to take a fuckin' job, get my fuckin' 300 dollars and go back to my family, but what do I get? I get this fuckin' crap from a degenerate piece of shit cause he likes to fight, ya know, for the fuckin' pink team. Look at ya, you fuckin' mutt. You're a miserable blind motherfucker, nobody likes you. You think you're a hot shot, a wiseguy, Mr. nobody-fucks-with-me-cause-I'm-a-fuckin-Lieutenant-Colonel. You sit your ugly ass down there pretending you were Michael fuckin' Corleone, just waiting to be served, like you were in the fuckin' Oak Room and we were your fuckin' slaves. I tell you something, you're nothing but a stupid bitch, always complaining and mumbling about gettin' fucked up. I mean, take a look at Stevie Wonder, or do you rank on him too? Although he can't see a fuckin' thing he's a success, a hard worker. What about you? You're just sittin' on your ass, drinkin' anisette.

Colonel: You're sharpshooting me, punk? Is that what you're doin'?

Charlie: (grabs a baseball bat) Okay, now you got me upset. I'll split your fuckin-...

(suddenly Mr. and Mrs. Rossi enter the room tryin' to stop Charlie)

Get the fuck outta here!! Take your fuckin' hands off me!! I said take your fuckin' hands off me, you fuckin' hick you!! Mrs. Rossi, he bought his fuckin' button, that fake blind tough guy. You bought your fuckin' button, you fake blind tough guy!! Fuck, motherfuckin' mutt, you-you fuckin' piece of shit!!... (taken away)

If you get all tangled up, you just tango on.


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