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Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox
brings you Joe Pesci, in a story of love and boats...

Are you ready to go back
to fuckin' Titanic?

Joe Pesci is Jack Dawson

Jack talking to Rose:

Jack: You wanna see something?

(no answer)

Jack: Hey Rose, are you fuckin' deaf?? I said, do you wanna see something?

Rose: Well, alright.

Jack: Come here... I said come here, hell the fuck! Now close your eyes. I said close your fuckin' eyes, you fuckin' bitch you. What am I speaking jibberish?! (Rose closes her eyes) Shit, if you want, I'll put some fuckin' cement boots on ya and throw ya over board, you won't get a chance to see the fuckin' United States of fuckin' America. Now step up on the pole.

Rose: (giggles) No, I can't!

Jack: What the fuck is so funny? Don't me a fuck out of me, I said step up and close your fuckin' eyes. You think I'm gonna throw you over? I have no fuckin' thing to give you, ten bucks in my pocket and nothing to live for, I mean Jesus fuckin' Christ, I fuckin' won tickets on this big boat in a fuckin' poker game. Now just step the fuckin' up, ya ugly bitch. (Rose steps up) Now spread your legs?

Rose: What??

Jack: I said spread your fuckin' arms. And don't open your eyes until I tell you to, you goddamn brit you. (Rose spreads her arms) Now open your fuckin' eyes.

Rose: Oh, Jack, this is incredible!

Jack: Of course it is, what the fuck did you think I was gonna show ya, huh!? You stupid fuck. You think because you're richer than me that you can't trust me?? Huh?? I'm the fuckin' king of the world here. Fuck all that shit, look at me. I said look at ME, you piece of shit! (she looks at him) Now give us a kiss, huh. (Rose doesn't budge) You think I won't hit you, you fuckin' bitch?? I just gave you the thrill of your miserable fuckin' life by showing you this view and you won't give me some sugar?? You are one ungrateful stupid whore. You know, you're a fuckin' asshole. Fuck you and your mother, that piece of shit. I hope this fuckin' boat sinks. (walks away)

Nothing on Earth could come between them...


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