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bald.wav (30 kb)
  What are you staring at, you bald-headed jew prick?!

banana.wav (43 kb)
  If a guy fuckin' tripped over a fuckin' banana peel they'd bring me in for it.

barry.wav (148 kb)
  I lost control?! Look at you, you're fuckin' walking around like John Barrymore. A fuckin' pink robe and a fuckin' ah.. ah, cigarette-holder. I lost control! You know, I don't wanna bring this up but you've been treating a lot of people with a lot of disrespect, even your own wife.

benice.wav (90 kb)
  Hey... be fuckin' nice! Calm. Be nice... don't fuck up in here.

bighead.wav (49 kb)
  (De Niro) This guy is gonna run to the FBI...
(Pesci) Your fuckin' head is gettin' bigger than your casino, that's your problem, pal.

bills.wav (55 kb)
  They had so much fuckin' money in there you could build a house out of stacks of hundred dollar bills.

bosses.wav (13 kb)
  Fuckin' bosses.

bringhea.wav (93 kb)
  You said I'm bringin' heat on you?! I gotta listen to people because of your fuckin' shit?! You're ordering me out?? You'd better get your own fuckin' army, pal!

busstop.wav (38 kb)
  Well, if I wanna talk private, I gotta go to a fuckin' bus stop.

causofme.wav (172 kb)
  (De Niro) Do you remember what I told you?
(Pesci) Back...back.
(De Niro) Do you remember what I told you?
(Pesci) Back... back up a fuckin' minute here, one minute. I asked you? When the fuck did I ever ask you if I can come out to here? Get this through your head, you...
(De Niro) You never...
(Pesci) Get this through your head, you jew motherfuckin' you. You only exist out here because of me!

charliem.wav (90 kb)
  Charlie M.? You make me pop your fuckin' eye out of your head to protect that piece of shit? Charlie M.? You dumb motherfucker!

coffee.wav (22 kb)
  This guy can fuck up a cup of coffee.

complain.wav (64 kb)
  Let them complain, I'm the one who's here, I do all the work. Somebody don't like it, fuck'em.

confused.wav (88 kb)
  Confused? Maybe if I stick your fuckin' face through this window over here and, you know, you get unconfused. Give me the fuckin' money.

desert.wav (165 kb)
  You've gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in the trunk. Otherwise, you're talkin' about a half hour or 45 minutes of digging...and who knows who's gonna' be coming along in that time. Before you know it, you gotta' dig a few more holes, you could be there all fucking night.

dumbjew.wav (38 kb)
  You see that? Dumb jew motherfucker. Grew up together and he's acting like he don't even know me.

exguy.wav (50 kb)
  I mean this guy is just beggin' to be made an example of.

fatfuck.wav (36 kb)
  Just another fat fuck walking out of the casino with a suitcase.

fatirish.wav (87 kb)
  You fuck people out of money and get away with it. Hey, you fat irish prick, you put my fuckin' money to sleep. You go get my money or I'll put your fuckin' brain to sleep.

fatso.wav (111 kb)
  (Pesci) Never mind fuckin' Sam, this is personal. I'll be there in the morning, you can fuckin' try me, fatso. You fuckin' try me. Did he get the point?
(De Niro) What you doin'?

fkbaloon.wav (22 kb)
  Like this two fuckin' baloon heads over here.

fuckedup.wav (42 kb)
  I fucked up, Frankie. I fucked up good this time.

fuckem.wav (21 kb)
  Fuck'em... Fuck'em.

fuckhick.wav (90 kb)
  You called my friend a faggot? You told him to go fuck himself, is that what you did? You told him to go fuck himself?! You fuckin' hick! You fuckin' hick you! Come here.

gambler.wav (128 kb)
  Don't fuck with me, Al. Don't make a fuck out of me. You wanna embarrass me? Make a fool out of me? You didn't gamble? Tell me you gamble the fuckin' money, I'll give you the fuckin' money to put the fuckin' heat on.

gambling.wav (613 kb)
  How the fuck can you grin? How the fuck could you grin? You know how much I'm stuck? You give a fuck? Do ya?! Yeah, put yourself a hand right across your fuckin' mouth. Look at this fuckin' beaut they put in now. Sherbert send you in here to rob me now? Been fuckin' knockin' everybody's dick in all night? Huh? You been beatin' all the customers tonight, motherfucker? Huh, jag-off? Hit me. Take this stiff and pound it up your fuckin' ass! Hit me again. Take this one and stick it up your sister's ass! Hit me again. That's it, keep lookin' at him, you fuckin' dummy. If you had any fuckin' heart at all, you'd be out fuckin' stealin' for a livin'. Hit me again. What the fuck you keep lookin' at him for, huh, you fuckin'... Look at this, twenty fuckin' paints in a row. Hit me again!

getfkout.wav (22 kb)
  Here... get the fuck outta here.

getit.wav (27 kb)
  Go get it. I don't give a fuck where you'll get it.

givename.wav (22 kb)
  Give me the fuckin' name!

head.wav (73 kb)
  Listen to me, Anthony. I got your head in a fuckin' vise. I'll squash your fuckin' head like a grapefruit, if you don't give me a name.

hehadme.wav (49 kb)
  And he had me, Nicky Santoro, his best friend, watching his ass.

hick.wav (116 kb)
  You took your boots off and put your feet on the table?! You shit-kickin', stinky horse manure smelling motherfucker you. You fuck me up over there, I'll stick you in a hole in the fuckin' desert!

imsorry.wav (144 kb)
  I'm sorry! I mean, I'm dealing with degenerate animals out here. But the bosses, what do they give a fuck? They're sittin' on their asses, drinkin' anisette. Meanwhile, I'm the guy in the trenches. Fuckin' bosses... they think it's a fuckin' free lunch out here.

inthend.wav (66 kb)
  But in the end... we fucked it all up.

jagoff.wav (30 kb)
  (Vincent) How come I laid nine?
(Pesci) 'Cause you're a jag-off.

jews.wav (18 kb)
  Fuckin' Jews stick together, don't they?

kidshome.wav (43 kb)
  Fuckin' degenerate. Fuckin' kids at home.

landit.wav (81 kb)
  What the fuck is this? Where's this fuckin' guy gonna land, on the fairway?

litlgirl.wav (113 kb)
  Ok... you hear-hear a little girl, Frankie? You hear a little girl, Ace? Is that a little fuckin' girl? What happened to the fuckin' tough guy that told my friend to stick it up his fuckin' ass, huh?!

lowlife.wav (74 kb)
  You call yourself a man? You know you're a lyin' lowlife motherfucker degenerate prick? You know that's what you are?

moneynow.wav (83 kb)
  How the fuck I'm gonna get your money now? You think he's gonna give you the fuckin' money? Are you out of your mind? Look what you did to this fuckin' guy.

mymom.wav (47 kb)
  Fuck me? Fuck me? You motherfucker! Fuck my mother?

mytown.wav (24 kb)
  You want me to get out of my own fuckin' town??

othwords.wav (13 kb)
  In other words, I'm fucked.

peekaboo.wav (57 kb)
  Peek-a-boo, you fucks you. I see you, motherfuckers.

remo.wav (168 kb)
  The bosses they don't give a fuck about whether he's enjoying himself or not. To them, he was a cash register. All they had to do was ring the bell and take the money. Specially Remo, who was a fuckin' degenerate gambler who always lost.

takethis.wav (71 kb)
  Take this stiff and pound it up your fuckin' ass!

themoney.wav (27 kb)
  Where the fuck is the money? I don't see the money.

tvshow.wav (76 kb)
  Not your fuckin' country clubs or your fuckin' TV shows. And what the fuck are you doing on TV, anyhow?

war.wav (91 kb)
  They want a fuckin' war, I'm ready. I know one thing, all I gotta do is take care of four or five of those fuckin' guys, the rest will fall right into place. Believe me.

warn.wav (55 kb)
  You're fuckin' warned. Don't ever go over my fuckin' head again. You motherfucker you.

watcback.wav (69 kb)
  If they gonna watch me, fuck'em. I'm gonna watch'em right back. I spent a few bucks, top dollar, who gives a shit?

whackim.wav (65 kb)
  Don't be such a fuckin' smart ass, will'ya? I mean I know the fuckin' guy for thirty-five years, I'm gonna fuckin' whack him for you?

whatido.wav (220 kb)
  If you don't have my money for me I'll crack your fucking head wide open in front of everybody in the bank. And just about the time that I'm coming out of jail, hopefully, you'll be coming out of your coma. And guess what? I'll split your fucking head open again, 'cause I'm fucking stupid. I don't give a fuck about jail, that's my business, that's what I do.

wheballs.wav (45 kb)
  (De Niro) What are you doing? Where's your head?
(Pesci) Where's my head?! Where's your fuckin' balls? Huh?

youmyou.wav (47 kb)
  You motherfucker you. Frankie, do him a fuckin' favor.

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