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Raging Bull

business.wav (45 kb)
  When people are talking you don't interrupt, it's not of your business.

diet.wav (46 kb)
  You fat bastard! You stop eating. What's the problem? Stop eating. That's all, you can do it.

elephant.wav (124 kb)
  Your mother sucks fuckin' big fuckin' elephant dicks. You got that?

fatty.wav (38 kb)
  You're killing yourself the way you eat. You fat fuck, look at you!

hard.wav (25 kb)
  That's hard, you fuck, what do you want?!

hellfuck.wav (13 kb)
  Hell the fuck!

hitme.wav (72 kb)
  What da fuck you hit me for, huh?! Get here, you fuckin'...

jerk.wav (20 kb)
  I'm a jerk? You're a fuckin' asshole!

killer.wav (86 kb)
  Go ahead and kill everybody, you're a tough guy, go kill people. Kill Vicky, kill Salvy, kill Tommy Como, kill me while you are at it. What do I care?

killme.wav (61 kb)
  Me, kill me! Start here, kill me first, do me a fuckin' favor. Cause you're drivin' me crazy!

misery.wav (43 kb)
  They're miserable because their mothers take it up the fuckin' ass, that's why!

morefuck.wav (104 kb)
  I feel sorry for you, I really do. You know what you should do? Try a little more fuckin' and a little less eating. You won't have troubles upstairs in your bedroom and won't pick it out on me and everybody else.

nothing.wav (33 kb)
  Huh?! Nothing goin' on?? Nothing goin' on??

prove.wav (54 kb)
  Naa, your fuckin' cuts are opening up and everything. What are ya tryin' to prove? Where's the prove?

sheeats.wav (32 kb)
  I don't, personally, I don't give a fuck what she eats.

shutup.wav (64 kb)
  (Vincent) C'mon, we're...
(Pesci) Shut up, shut up! Mind your fuckin' business and shut up!
(Vincent) You're takin' this all wrong, Joey...
(Pesci) I said shut up!

sickques.wav (56 kb)
  That's a sick question, you're a sick fuck, and I'm not that sick that I'm answering. I'm not tellin' ya anything.

stop.wav (49 kb)
  Jesus Christ! You won't stop? When the fuck you're gonna stop with all that stuff? I told ya.

trytofck.wav (14 kb)
  I try to fuck anything.

usedto.wav (43 kb)
  (Pesci) Why can't you talk to him?
(Vincent) Cause he doesn't like me!
(Pesci) Yeah... nobody likes you, you'd be used to that.

uwhacko.wav (30 kb)
  You're crackin' up. You understand, you fuckin' whacko?

winlose.wav (65 kb)
  If you win, you win. If you lose, you still win.

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