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Tales From The Crypt: Split Personality

cats.wav (71 kb)
  Do I like cats? Are you kidding? Sometimes I trust cats more than I do people, ha, ha!

differen.wav (97 kb)
  C'mon, hey! I don't know about that thing with your father. Ya know... I'm not saying you did anything but... I mean, even if you did, what da fuck is the difference? What do I care, huh?!

doin.wav (114 kb)
  What the fuck is this? What's goin' on? Hey, what are youse doin'? Huh?! What the fuck are you doin'? Let me go!... let me go! What are you doin'? What the fuck are youse doin'?

fifty.wav (66 kb)
  Fifty, fifty... The only way I can get it all is if I marry both.

foulplay.wav (47 kb)
  Foul play suspected in death of architect. Get the fuck out!

genius.wav (33 kb)
  Are you kidding?! The man was a genius.

girls.wav (42 kb)
  Really?! Girls as beautiful as you two I find that hard to believe.

goplay.wav (187 kb)
  Oh, hey! Shut that! Charlie Chan, excuse me, I don't mean to intrude but ah... I'd like to catch a few zzz's over here, it's ok? You don't mind, do ya? Go play some place else, ok? Ha-ha-ha... sorry.

hundreds.wav (46 kb)
  (Counter) And how do you like that, Sr.?
(Pesci) Hundreds would be just fine.

hurt.wav (46 kb)
  And this might hurt her feelings. You don't wanna do that, do you?

inlove.wav (92 kb)
  Ok, so I was in love with the both of you. Big deal! What was I supposed to do, huh? Hey, did I make you both happy? Tell the truth. Did I make you both happy? C'mon, hey.

katterin.wav (179 kb)
  [singin' in the shower] Ka-tta-ri-na, ha-ho-ho! When we kiss, pretty miss, pretty miss, I'm in exctasy-sy-sy-sy-sy. Kattarina, ha-ho-ho!

kidding.wav (31 kb)
  You've got to be fuckin' kidding!

life.wav (151 kb)
  See? Nice and quiet, calm, serine, it's beautiful. Thank you very much. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Life is a bitch, ain't it Wong?

may.wav (27 kb)
  What happened to May? Ha-ha-ha.

outgoing.wav (66 kb)
  But I must warn you up. He's a little more outgoing than I am. He's not as educated or well spoken.

sonof.wav (22 kb)
  Son of a bitch!

toosexy.wav (194 kb)
  I'm too sexy for my hair, too sexy for this earring, too sexy, ha! Too sexy for this house, too sexy. Hey, honey! You two bitchin' babes better be gettin' dressed to kill. Cause I'm takin' ya out for the most awesome feast ever.

two.wav (37 kb)
  Best things in life come in two. You understand what I'm saying?

whatever.wav (120 kb)
  Shut up! Shut the fuck up! I pay you to be whateva!

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