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Cop Land [by Henancius Entertainment] Sounds

abovelaw.wav (71 kb)
  (De Niro): But what they don't know, he figured out: no one is above the law.
airon.wav (130 kb)
  (J. Garofalo): Hi, could you turn the engine off for me?
(Keitel): I got the air on.
(J. Garofalo): You're on the job?
(R. Patrick): No, we came from Forrest Hills, honey. I'm John McEnroe, that's Jimmy Connors.
aplace.wav (71 kb)
  (Keitel): We made a place where things make sense. Where you can walk across the street without fear.
away.wav (78 kb)
  (Liotta): You want it to go away but I'm still here. In for a penny, in for a pound.
boyplan.wav (175 kb)
  (Keitel): But Freddy, your plan is the plan of a boy. You made it in a back of a matchbook, without thinking! Without looking at the cards.
bullet.wav (31 kb)
  (Liotta): Being right is not a bullet-proof vest, Freddy!
canthear.wav (20 kb)
  (Stallone): I can't hear you, Ray.
chance.wav (104 kb)
  (De Niro): Listen to me, you deaf fuck. I offered you a chance when we could have done something, I offered you a chance to be a cop and you blew it! You blew it.
friends.wav (35 kb)
  (Liotta): Now you butt heads with these friends of yours. You're gonna come at them head-on?
ghandi.wav (84 kb)
  (R. Patrick): That would be retribution. And that I'll lead to God almighty... I'm Ghandi.
goodguys.wav (137 kb)
  (Keitel): Officer, in Garrison, when the car you gonna tag has got a PDA sticker, I'd advise you to think to yourself: hey! That's one of the good guys. I think I'll go catch me a bad guy.
invited.wav (181 kb)
  (Keitel): I've invited men, cops, good men to live in this town. And these men, to make 'em living, they cross that bridge every day to a place where everything is upside down.
mixedup.wav (66 kb)
  (Keitel): He's a mixed up kid... so are you.
newhere.wav (111 kb)
  (Keitel): Listen, miss Betts. You're new, right?
(J. Garofalo): Yes, I'm new here but I'm not new on the job. I was a...
(Keitel): Freddy!
(J. Garofalo): ... school cadet in Elmira.
(Keitel): Freddy!
notthink.wav (35 kb)
  (Keitel): Go home, Freddy. And don't think so much.
over.wav (118 kb)
  (De Niro): Go to lunch! Go, hey, go to lunch! Go to lunch! The case is closed. Everybody, get the fuck outta here. Get outta here, the case is fuckin' closed.
pinball.wav (88 kb)
  (Liotta): Two kind of people in this world. Pinball people and video game people. You, Freddy, you're pinball people.
problem.wav (192 kb)
  (De Niro): You see, sheriff, I got a sticky problem. My jurisdiction ends, in a sense, at the George Washington bridge. But half the men I watch lives beyond that bridge, where no one's watching.
(Stallone): I'm watching.
sheriff.wav (19 kb)
  (De Niro): It's like you're the sheriff of cop land.
startgiv.wav (34 kb)
  (De Niro): You wanna save your ass? Start givin' us answers!
stopf.wav (32 kb)
  (De Niro): So do yourself a favor and stop fuckin' around.
thistown.wav (65 kb)
  (Stallone): I look at this town... and I don't like what I see anymore.
todo.wav (127 kb)
  (De Niro): And I see a man who's waiting for something to do. And here I am... here I am saying: sheriff, I got something for you to do.
uponus.wav (134 kb)
  (Keitel): What brings you to our fair city. Checkin' up on us?
(De Niro): I heard there was a way of life out here, though I'd check it out for myself.
(Keitel): What do we are... like the Amish now?
whofkyou.wav (29 kb)
  (Keitel): Who the fuck do you think you are?

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