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Born in Newark, New Jersey, 1943, February 9th, Joseph Pesci made his debut in The Death Collector (1975). But this funny little guy (height: 5'5") started to work at the age of four, in a radio program.

In 1953, he was a regular on the TV variety program called Star Time Kids, but his career stalled during the following years. In the 60's, under the name of Joe Ritch, Pesci recorded a LP titled Little Joe Sure Can Sing.

Later, he was the guitar player of Joey Dee and The Starliters band. Joe and his pal Frank Vincent also formed a nightclub comedy act. His first production in the movie business, The Death Collector (aka Family Enforcer), was no big deal, so he came back to New York and ran an italian restaurant.

The First Masterpiece

Then he got the call. An outstanding actor watched The Death Collector and got really surprised with Pesci. The man was Robert De Niro. Bobby told director Martin Scorsese, who invited Joe to play De Niro's brother in the classic Raging Bull (1980). Joe Pesci is back!

Raging Bull was his second film and a mark of Pesci's career. It gave him his first academy award nomination and it was the first film with Scorsese. They worked together in three other productions: GoodFellas (1990), Casino (1995) and The Irishman (2019).

Scorsese & Pesci

Why is this partnership so important? Well, you know the answer, because two big reasons. First, if you've seen these three classics (Raging Bull, GoodFellas and Casino) you may have noticed they are three of the best masterpieces ever made since the creation of the Earth. Second, all of his nominations and awards came from Raging Bull, GoodFellas and The Irishman. What more can we say?

Pesci seems to have two great defined ways of acting: like a nervous and violent wiseguy and like an inconvenient funny guy. Remember Tommy DeVito? And Nicky Santoro? What about Joey LaMotta? Great tough guys of cinema history. But there's also Jimmy Alto, Vincent La Guardia Gambini, Leo Getz and Louie Kritski, a classic gallery of funny guys.

The Vincent and The Niro

There are also two more "partners" of Joe in the movie business. We're talking about Robert De Niro and Frank Vincent.

Frank Vincent (also partner in nightclubs with Joe in the 60's) has worked with Joe in The Death Collector, Raging Bull, Dear Mr. Wonderful (1982), GoodFellas and Casino. De Niro, the man, the king, the Niro, joined him in Raging Bull, Once Upon a Time in America (1984), GoodFellas, A Bronx Tale (1993), Casino, The Good Shepherd (2006) and The Irishman.
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