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Jimmy Hollywood

anarchy.wav (58 kb)
  Anarchy? You got anarchy up the ass, pal. Anarchy with capuccino.

broadway.wav (83 kb)
  (Cook) Were you on Broadway, meng?
(Pesci) Off-Broadway.
(Cook) Off-Broadway...
(Pesci) Off-off-Broadway, but they're all the same, you know, it's...

bullet.wav (21 kb)
  Get away or I'll put a bullet through your fuckin' head.

ebdies.wav (43 kb)
  What you gonna do? Kill me? Everybody dies.

ebdies2.wav (62 kb)
  What you gonna do? Kill me? Everybody dies.

hezzbola.wav (245 kb)
  Do you know how many tourists visit Beirut a year? Huh? Do ya? No, no, no... None, zip, nada! Do you know how many visit LA? Millions. And there's more killings in LA than there is in Beirut. There's more crime in Los Angeles than there is in Beirut. And you know why? Hezzbolah!... Hezzbolah. They scare shitless about that Hezzbolah kind of stuff. That's why.

listenin.wav (22 kb)
  What the fuck was that you were listenin' to?

lookfor.wav (57 kb)
  I say you think you can recognize him, I wanna look for this guy. I kill the motherfucker if I find him trying to take your money.

lose.wav (125 kb)
  How they lose those cops in all those fuckin' movies? They always lose 'em. Fuck! We just did it, we just lost them. Clogged in the light, they got clogged in the light. If I was a cop I'd go through it. Fuckin' dopes.

mri.wav (42 kb)
  You'll propably get a bullet in your fuckin' head before you get a chance to do your M.R.I.

mummy.wav (144 kb)
  This mummy is in Cairo. It's gotta take a plain from Egypt to Philadelphia. This mummy, he's got to get a passport, and you're worry he's comin' in your room at night? Oh, this mummy's got more important things on its mind!

onerole.wav (164 kb)
  I'm an one role actor. Brando... he's an actor. Stanley Kowalski, Streetcar Named Desire. Terry Malloy, On the Waterfront. The Godfather...

question.wav (130 kb)
  You know, they question me, I can play a real quiet, long pauses, you know? I'd drive 'em crazy. Pause, pause... I'd play this real delivered kind of a guy. I'd make 'em nuts.

radio.wav (154 kb)
  Oh shit!... One fuckin' time, don't tell me. Don't fuckin' tell me! One fuckin' time I leave the fuckin' radio there. One time! Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch!

rtd.wav (92 kb)
  Ride the R.T.D. Rapid Transit District my ass! Six blocks, four hours!

scum.wav (34 kb)
  Lowlife scum!

sell.wav (82 kb)
  Where do you sell these radios? I will kill you, don't try me. Are you gonna fuck with me?

selznick.wav (84 kb)
  (Pesci) David O. Selznick?
(Slater) David? I thought his name was Steven.
(Pesci) No, Steven is Spielberg, David is O. Selznick.

sickwrld.wav (81 kb)
  What the fuck is goin' on in this world today? Oh, somebody tell me what kind of sick world is this we live in?

speech.wav (76 kb)
  Can't talk to me? Can't talk to me? You're... you're out of the Oscar speech!

strong.wav (32 kb)
  You know how strong I'm as an actor, I'm about to be recognized!

windows.wav (85 kb)
  I don't know why anybody bothers so about the windows. Steal your radio and then you gotta have your windows ripped on. Scumbags!

yourad.wav (116 kb)
  (Driver) Hey, is that your ad?
(Pesci) Yeah!
(Driver) You look better on your photo. Ha-ha- ha!...
(Pesci) Fuck you! Fuck you! All of a sudden this fuckin' schmuck knows something.

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