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Meu Primo Vinny

30mins.wav (78 kb)
  (Pesci) I have thirty fuckin' minutes to take a shower, get a new suit, get dressed and get to the fuckin' courthouse.
(M. Tomei) You fuckin' shower, I'll get your fuckin' suit.

alabama.wav (136 kb)
  Stan, you're in Ala-fuckin-bama! You come from New York, you killed a good old boy. There is no way this is not goin' to trial.

blend.wav (98 kb)
  (Pesci) You stick out like a sore thumb around here.
(M. Tomei) Me? What about you?
(Pesci) I fit in better than you. At least, I'm wearing cowboy boots.
(M. Tomei) Oh yeah, you blend.

bullshit.wav (85 kb)
  Everything that guy just said is bullshit... Thank you.

cracker.wav (103 kb)
  Holy shit... you got it honey. You did it! The case cracker, me in the shower!! Ha-ha, I love this, that's it!

drugs.wav (218 kb)
  (Judge) You're on drugs?
(Pesci) Drugs? No, I don't take drugs.
(Judge) I don't like your attitude.
(Pesci) What else is new...
(Judge) I'm holding you in contempt of court.
(Pesci) Oh, that is a fuckin' surprise.
(Judge) What did ya say?
(Pesci) What?
(Judge) What did you say??
(Pesci) What did I say, what?

friggin.wav (22 kb)
  I guess the friggin' thing is broken.

fullgrit.wav (414 kb)
  [The full "grits" quote]

grits.wav (88 kb)
  (Pesci) What's---What's this over here?
(Cook) You never heard of grits?
(Pesci) Sure, sure I heard of grits, I just actually never seen a grit before.

hostile.wav (112 kb)
  (Pesci) Your honor, may I have permission to treat Miss Vito as a hostile witness?
(M. Tomei) You think I'm hostile now, wait 'til you see me tonight.
(Judge) You two know each other?
(Pesci) Yes, she's my fiancee.

jerked.wav (60 kb)
  What the fuck is your problem? I did not come down here just to get jerked off, ya know.

knees.wav (81 kb)
  Yeah. I mean it's your ass not mine. I think you should be grateful, I think you should be down on your fuckin' knees.

meorthem.wav (39 kb)
  Look, it's either me or them. You're gettin' fucked one way or the other.

nouse.wav (151 kb)
  (Pesci) Are you sure about that five minutes?
(Sam) I don't know!
(Judge) I think you made your point.
(Pesci) Are you sure about that five minutes??
(Sam) I may be mistaken.
(Pesci) I got no more use for this guy.

serious.wav (17 kb)
  You were serious about that?

whatif.wav (32 kb)
  What if I was just to kick the ever lovin' shit out of you?

whatthe.wav (16 kb)
  What the fuck is that?

youths.wav (239 kb)
  (Pesci) Is it possible, the two "yutes"...
(Judge) Eh, two what?... What was that word?
(Pesci) Ah, what word?
(Judge) Two what?
(Pesci) What?
(Judge) Did you say "yutes"?
(Pesci) Yeah, two "yutes".
(Judge) What is a "yute"?
(Pesci) Oh, excuse me your honor, two "youths".

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